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About Your Meal Plan

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 What’s in a resident meal plan?

A resident meal plan unlocks wholesome meals, coffee, snacks, and more at Memorial University’s Gushue Dining Hall.   

Whether you’re enjoying a meal with friends or snacking on the go, you’ll reap multiple benefits from your meal plan.

Meal plan benefits

  • Full and convenient access to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as snacks, and various hot and cold beverages
  • Healthy choices
  • A menu that caters to diverse needs and preferences, such as halal, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, and lactose alternatives
  • Comfort food
  • International cuisine
  • Fresh, local and seasonal ingredients (whenever available)
  • Accomplished executive chef backed by a talented culinary team
  • Dedicated team of managers to field your questions and address your concerns
  • For resident meal plan holders, exclusive events that include theme nights, local food days, as well as health, wellness and sustainability activities
  • Real-time feedback platforms to solicit your questions and comments about menu options and service satisfaction
  • Accommodation for special diets and to address allergies and other dietary restrictions
How we deal with allergies and dietary restrictions

MUN Dining does not operate in an allergen - and peanut-free facility. As a result, the culinary team cannot guarantee that food prepared in the dining hall has not become cross-contaminated with allergens and peanuts.

If you have a self-identified or diagnosed allergy, intolerance or restriction, please email our Executive Chef dean-derrick@aramark.ca, or Food Services Director holt-stephanie@aramark.ca to verify whether our dining hall can accommodate your needs. 

Door Pricing
Breakfast   $9.85
Lunch        $16.65
Dinner       $21.25

Meet your executive chef: Derrick Dean

Born and bred on the Rock, Executive Chef Derrick Dean has more than 30 years of culinary experience, having worked in kitchens across Canada.

In 2018, he joined the MUN Dining team and since then, has been the driving force behind menu innovation across residential, retail and catering food services.

Chef Derrick has earned his Red Seal Journeyman’s Certificate from New Brunswick Community College, as well, graduated from the Culinary Plus program.

He has also captured numerous medals as a result of having participated in culinary competitions in Canada and the United States.

Chef Derrick says what he relishes most is the opportunity to interact with students in the dining hall, as well as working with the freshest ingredients available and presenting meals that are aesthetically appealing because he strongly believes in the adage that people eat with their eyes first.

In his spare time, he enjoys basking in Newfoundland’s pristine nature by fishing, hunting or camping.