We’re committed to supporting your dining needs, lifestyle choices and/or dietary restrictions. 

MUN Dining does not operate in allergen-free facilities. Food preparation areas and equipment are shared with foods containing common allergens.

If you have an allergy, dietary intolerance or restriction, please consult with the culinary team on campus to discuss how our dining halls can meet your needs. 

If you have any other questions relating to dietary choices, please contact holt-stephanie@aramark.ca for more information. 

Tips and Recipes from our Chefs and Dietitians

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  • Our Healthy for Life® Commitment
    Get the Good Stuff
    Look for the Get the Good Stuff™ logo in our participating locations for options that fit your needs!
  • Vegetables
    Celebrating Plants
    Menu initiatives that put plant-based foods at the centre of the plate.
  • MyFitnessPal
    Identifying Health Options through Labeling
    Watch for menu identifiers to assist in choosing menu options that cater to your dietary or lifestyle needs.